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Let’s talk about suicide, shall we?

Or, first… Sugar. You have tried to limit it in your diet as much as possible. But then there’s this drink sitting in the refrigerator you just opened winking seductively at you and you are seriously trying to rationalize taking it. You’d rather have water but—‘Just drink me already,’ it […]

Good news!!!

💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 has been launched. PALACEDAUGHTER.COM is a matchmaking platform where women entrepreneurs, manufacturers, suppliers, artisans, writers and professionals: 🖥️ Showcase their products and services online. 📲 Post their Adverts 🔗 Link with buyers and have 500 minimum page views daily. 🛒 Sell their products and services safely with PALACEDAUGHTER’s trade […]

After the storm

Hello!It’s been a long while… Yeah, I know. Weeks’ passed. I kept ‘thinking’ posts in my head—all the things I wanted to blog about, experiences I wanted to record— but never really got down to actually writing and publishing any. It wasn’t really that I didn’t have enough time, or […]

Weekend Stories! It’s been a while I…

So, I woke up early this morning to make an important phone call as regards an appointment I should have about an hour and half later… I spoke to this person on the phone for about a minute and half; I exchanged pleasantries as usual and then spoke briefly about […]