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The Purpose of Pain

Pain has a purpose. And it definitely achieves it while it lasts. Asides from being your body’s way of calling your attention to your health or alerting you of a pending danger or one already wreaking its havoc, it shows you who people truly are. We all have pains and […]


Time Yourself It is possible to be so lost reading on and about something that you forget that you have other things to do. And it is also very likely that the more time you spend researching on a topic at a stretch, the more difficult sourcing out the required […]


Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you want to know anything and everything about anything or any subject or topic through any medium for no particular reason??! Well, maybe for some reason… even if minute. We just have this hunger about things that interests us and […]

I NEED A DRINK! Part2 of 2

Truth is, anyone who has ever being in a really bad situation won’t be able to turn away from someone in a similar position without trying to help. And this is how we ought to relate with one another in these things…treating others as we will love to be treated. When we […]

I NEED A DRINK! Part1 of 2

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s been a while…I actually don’t know how this week flew by without me writing here despite wanting to. But I made it here in time to share something important I learnt this weekend. Sit back and enjoy how I found myself in a situation, got my […]