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Weekend Stories! It’s been a while I…

So, I woke up early this morning to make an important phone call as regards an appointment I should have about an hour and half later… I spoke to this person on the phone for about a minute and half; I exchanged pleasantries as usual and then spoke briefly about […]

Awesome and Awesome!

Hey Dear Reader! I held my Hair Class over the weekend and it was awesome! Yes, that’s where the title for this post came from. Lol. But that only accounts for one of the Awesome’s. Hahahah. The other awesome is for the fact that after the class and several lovely […]

A FREE Class!

I get asked every now and then how I am growing my long, natural and healthy hair. So, I’m organizing a WhatsApp class to discuss this amazing topic of natural hair growth! Let me walk you through how I keyed into the magic of water to grow my natural hair. […]