Yesterday, I washed my hair.

And the activity reminded me of some time in the past.

I had just moved into a new neighbourhood and found myself a new hairdresser. I had been there just once and wasn’t yet familiar. So, it happened that the next time I would go, my hair was due for washing but I was feeling really lazy and decided to go wash my hair at the salon…

It was too late when I realized this place was unlike the village I was coming from, where my former hairdresser and her apprentices treated me like a queen and obeyed every of my instruction as to how I wanted my hair to be treated.

In this new place, I was too conscious of not appearing like my wahala was too much and practically sat through the entire ~washing~ traumatizing of my hair.

The woman was very passionate. She ‘jumbled’ (if that’s an English word..) my hair together and thoroughly scrubbed the hell out of it!

I was screaming inside. I felt violated. I wanted to cry, but…big girl.

After the ‘washing’, I volunteered to detangle my hair myself (in my mind…. thank you very much ma, don’t RUIN me finish… ) then I had her weave my hair and it was a long walk back home.

I told my hair I was very sorry for putting it through that terrible experience.


Since I got intentional about grooming my natural hair I had stopped doing all what that hairdresser put my hair through that fateful day.

When I wash my hair by myself, I WASH IN SECTIONS

Washing your hair in sections will limit hair breakage because the hair strands have lesser chances to interlock and tangle.

When you wash all your hair AT ONCE, you’re doing your hair a big disservice.

When you SCRUB your hair like you’re scrubbing a rug, your hair must definitely be screaming “help! help!”…you just may not hear it, lol.

Even if your hair is not very plenty. Please wash in sections.
Make it a must.

Wash in sections.
Rinse in sections.
Condition in sections.
Re-rinse in sections.

At the end, gently rinse (that is, pour water through) everything one last time and gently squeeze.

I am saying gently, gently, because your hair DESERVE to be treated delicately.

Treat your hair with love and care and watch it reward you.

Thanks for reading🤍

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