In the Chambers!

I want you to remember we all still have one another, and mankind will always rise again as they have in times past. In spite of the pain, I pray everyone affected by this situation will continue to have hope in humanity as we lift up supplications for an end to this pandemic.


GRATITUDE: Precious but Overlooked!

Yaayy! Today I will be shining light on the virtue of gratitude and the blessings therein! I know it is possible we have associated gratitude with the most often not deeply meant or felt responses we give to hackneyed phrases such as “just be thankful,” “count your blessings,” “give thanks […]

a fall from grace

A Fall from Grace—a movie review

In his latest movie, Tyler Perry does his brilliant thing again with another incredible story that would have you glaring at the screen so you don’t miss any single moment and as such any important fact. You know how we all can be trying to find out the criminal in […]


There are more than one perspective from which to consider the plague of mushroom schools and substandard schools in many parts of Nigeria. As many people have, one could reduce it to an organizational problem resulting from the failure of government in regulating such an important social institution. This perspective, […]