social suicide

SDH: Social Suicide and Sabotaging Relationships

Though there are several other self-destructive behaviours I didn’t touch on in this series, I want you to look at the few ones I mentioned through the lens of our joint frailty as humans and know that any kind of bad behaviour or habit loses half of its power the very moment it is recognized for what it is. As you actively seek to correct any one of the negative things you no longer want in your life, I send you plenty of love from here and wish you the very best so doing! Click to Read More>>>


SDH: Physical and Mental Neglect

Physical Neglect This often manifests as failure to maintain a good sleep routine, refusing to exercise, eating unhealthy foods, ignoring personal hygiene and failing to attend to the general wellbeing of your body. Mental Neglect To neglect yourself mentally is basically to fail to confront your psychological health issues. When […]

fried food, eat

SDH: Over-Eating and Under-Eating

It is a solemn truth worthy of note that many people use FOOD as a band-aid for serious psychological and self-image issues. This need not be. Extra slim is definitely not the definition of beauty, you don’t have to starve yourself. And ‘eating away’ your problems doesn’t actually make them […]