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I’m happy to have you back again. In a bid to encourage the authenticity that comes from the very little things like loving and caring for ourselves as we are, I bring you five suggestions on how to achieve a better and more beautiful skin naturally! I’d be focusing on your skin in general and your facial skin, too. Number one is………

Love your own skin

Yes! Love your skin, your very own. Because your skin is beautiful! This is perhaps the most important of the suggestions I’m going to make. You need to accept your skin: its texture, its colour/tone, everything about it! From this place of total acceptance will come all the beneficial things you will then do to and for your skin. If you don’t like your skin or see it as something to be greatly cared for, you will not only be careless about what you use on it and how that affects you, but will also not care for it as you really should. When you come to that place of treasuring your skin because you understand all that it does for you (and believe me, that’s SO MUCH!), then you are very well on your way to nurturing a beautiful and healthy skin! And that brings me to the next point:

Understand your skin

Understand your skin. Be aware. Know your skin type. Is it normal, dry, oily, combined? What products meets your skin needs adequately? What should you avoid or limit or increase using on your skin (body) or face if you are one type or the other? This needs careful contemplation and study over time. This is why I advise you try keep a tab on your skin. When you had that bad break out, what skin products were you using? What did you start or stop using around that time that may have been responsible? If, for example, you found a new body soap or switched your lotion and then weeks later you notice your skin is not quite the same (in a negative way), you may need to stop and re-examine your choice. To have a healthy skin you have to pay attention! Read about the skin as an organ and make sure you, through observation and knowledge gained, figure out what is either helpful or detrimental to your own skin in the long run. This brings me to my next point.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Please and please. Read the labels of your skin care products. Make sure you understand what the ingredients are and for what purposes they are in there for. Stay clear of skin bleaches and be very wary of products that claims to perform magic on your skin in 3 days, 7 days, and so on. You will do much better by feeding your body the right things and by being patient for nature to do its work of bringing out the best in your skin. Truth is, you already have everything it takes, every mechanism in place, to have that great skin you wish for as long as you feed your skin just what it needs and avoid stuff that will damage it sooner or later. If possible, try to tend more towards organic products in form of natural oils and butters to keep your skin fed naturally.

Move your bowels

Sorry, I don’t mean to be gross here but if you are constipated, chances are you’re going to have a ‘constipated’ skin, too. Hahaha! Being constipated means your body isn’t able to get rid of waste products like it needs to and your inner system gut flora can thus get a little strained. When undigested food sits in your bowel for too long, you don’t feel well, and your body system try to keep up fighting toxin buildup. The skin being the body’s largest organ with functions including elimination may want to step in to ‘save the day’. In fact, some skin conditions have now been traced to internal gut issues. So, you really have to get your bowels moving, and frequently too. Take fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, engage in physical activities and stay hydrated always by drinking lots of water, and see if your skin doesn’t thank you!

Cut down on sugar

Lastly, when it comes to having a great skin, refined sugar is really not your friend. [Yeah, I won’t say more than that. LOL!]

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