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In his latest movie, Tyler Perry does his brilliant thing again with another incredible story that would have you glaring at the screen so you don’t miss any single moment and as such any important fact. You know how we all can be trying to find out the criminal in an intriguing narrative, playing the sleuth from right in front of our TV! Yaayy!

Jasmine Bryant, a married young lawyer who is already tired of the profession after only just starting her practice at the public defenders’ office and is still trying to pay off the student loans that got her the education, is charged with the duty of working out a plea deal for Ms. Grace Walters who has allegedly murdered her husband.

After seeing Grace cry bitterly at the next meeting she had with her at the jail interview room while working on what was supposed to be an open-and-shut case, Jasmine was determined to hear Graces’ side of the story. Even before getting the whole story out of Grace, Jasmine already wants to go all out to defend her in court.

Rory, who is played by Tyler himself, is Jasmine’s smart-mouthed boss and is against her trying the case in court. Grace had earlier confessed to the murder and had been willing to plead guilty but Jasmine, her lawyer, decides she shouldn’t suffer as a murderer that everyone now say she is and convinces her otherwise, banking on the fact that though all evidences of a killing having occurred is present, the body of Graces’ allegedly murdered husband is completely missing from the crime scene. Rory is pissed at the case being needlessly dragged and is very sure Jasmine is fighting a lost battle which will ultimately ruin her career, and it almost did!

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Now, you won’t blame Jasmine for her bold pursuit because Grace Walter is your typical highly moral citizen with a clean record, one who would hardly hurt a fly. She couldn’t even kill spiders, say her son, Malcolm. She was the one who baked cookies for kids in the neighbourhood, fed the homeless, sang in the choir, taught Sunday School, and despite having a job at the bank, never violated any traffic rules to get early to work. Why then would she kill her husband?

Well, a few things can turn a saint into a villain and Jasmine sure found out what went wrong with a once loving relationship and why Grace was previously determined to plead guilty to the murder and accept the Judges’ sentencing without a possibility of parole.

Unlike the review I once wrote on Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” [click here to read], where I pretty much narrated the entire storyline—or to be fair, half of it—while citing all the moral lessons I could think of (lol… *wink*), I will leave you to go watch A Fall from Grace in peace without shooting spoilers everywhere!

You will sure be shocked to find out what Grace did to her husband, and might I add, what her husband also did to her, and how this led to a series of other events that opened up a big can of worm in the fierce battle for truth and freedom. download (2)

Truly, as spoken by Grace, “When you wake up, you don’t know that today will be the day to change your life.”

Lastly, if I don’t drop a lesson to note from this movie, I wouldn’t feel like my review of it is complete, so here you go:

Oftentimes, when romance starts on a very fast lane, or begins with an intensity too high for comfort, someone is about to learn the most painful lessons of their lives.

Deception can come from the most unlikely places and watching A Fall from Grace is all you need to know that who we choose to trust can either make or mar us.

Though as with all movies there are little details that catches a careful eyes and can pass as errors which many writings are presently criticizing, I respect the efforts that went into bringing this story to us. This absorbing movie features Crystal Fox as Grace, Bresha Webb as Jasmine, Tyler Perry as Rory and of course, Mehcad Brooks as Shannon, husband of Grace. I shouldn’t forget to mention Matthew Law who played the role of Jasmine’s supportive husband, Jordan Bryant. To me, Jordan is the real hero of this story. Go watch the movie and see if you would agree with me!

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  1. I just saw the movie last night and this review is just precise. The suspense was intriguing. I couldn’t believe *** was behind it all. Well delivered piece.

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