She does come to visit each and everyone of us humans every once in a while, and for some, one time too many.

Anxiety. Something we all are very familiar with. [We humans, I mean. #rolls eyes #giggles]

It’s obvious we can’t totally stop her or quench her thirst to stop by to say hello, or always prevent her from lingering on when all we need is to have some peace of mind again. Come she will, but what to do when she is overstaying her welcome? How do we deal with her tactfully and retrieve our peace of mind?

Generally, there exists countless tips to deal with anxiety. I believe each person eventually has to figure out what works best for them but here are some I find really helpful and would like to suggest to you my dearly beloved readers!

Journal about it! I find that writing about something goes a very long way to help me understand it better, to make fuller sense of it. When anxious thoughts beset, you may want to grab a paper and a pen and write out how you feel, try make sense of your situation and never forget to throw in words of comfort, strength and encouragement for yourself.

Find ye an empathetic listener! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a trusted friend, group of friends or support group. We are social beings and we need one another to survive (yeahh, that song!) It helps to have that one or two persons who can listen to you with kindness and understanding, and be your shoulder when anxiety threatens to rip your feet off the ground.

Practise gratitude! Phoebe Cary said, “All the great blessings of my life are present in my thoughts today.” You will find that when your heart is filled with positive thoughts and gratitude, scarcely would there be enough space for mind-numbing thoughts that give rise to anxiety. It isn’t easy, I know, reason I said, practise gratitude. It is not a destination but a journey, a living. Living a life of gratitude for all the blessings that you presently have in your daily life is one fine way to let Miss A know she isn’t very welcome because gratitude screams contentment and contentment is happiness; a happy and content person is rarely overly anxious.

Get busy! Yes. Find something productive doing. It could be engaging in your hobbies or any other thing you enjoy. Just get busy with something you love and watch the anxiety slowly ebb.

Pray! Get yourself some quiet moment to commune with God about your anxieties. He is your Creator and Maker and knows you better than anyone else. We all have that safe place inside of us where we can go to for the help we need. Tune in!

Talk to YOU! Tell yourself all is well, everything will be alright, and that you are at the right place at the right time, nothing wanting, because life is what you perceive it to be and hearing yourself dictate to you your choice perception of a moment works better than we all think. Even if it is just for a couple of minutes that the peace that comes rushing in from your new perception stays for, just repeat till you feel alright.

If you found some value in this post, please, do well to share with others as well! I am happy to write to you again and hope you check back again to read more articles from me.

Yours Sincerely,


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