Hey Dear Reader!

I held my Hair Class over the weekend and it was awesome! Yes, that’s where the title for this post came from. Lol.

But that only accounts for one of the Awesome’s. Hahahah. The other awesome is for the fact that after the class and several lovely feedbacks later, it occurred to me since many would love some more HAIRducation (winks), I could start a series on the blog where I continually share some really cool tips and hacks on this beautiful topic of hair growth!

So, since I titled the class Hair Growth, Hair Goals, the name of the series would derive from that too.

I here by officially announce the Hair Growth Hair Goals Series!!!

Trust me, my HGHG posts would be posts to watch out for. Don’t miss them!

This is just a quick blog to let you, my esteemed readers, know what’s up and what’s in store for you!



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