determined to keep going

There are many things we find we cannot do and should not beat ourselves up for it. For whatever reasons we are not able to do those things, we must learn to eventually make peace with the fact we are unable to do them after we have tried our best to. That we can’t do certain things is not necessarily a reflection of failure on our part. It is just not ‘our thing’ and that is very okay.

For lack of better example, I, like many people all over the world, can hold a lifeless chicken. It’s all the better when it is cooked and its delicious meat ready to be eaten. But in the same way, I, like many people all over the world, can’t hold it alive: if at all, not for long. I have blamed it on many things including the ferocious hen our family had when I was just a little kid. It would sometimes chase me like I was in possession of her chicks and I was practically always avoiding that weird bird. I also have blamed it on the terrifying experience I witnessed when I was much younger, when a cock wriggled its way out of the merciless hands of its slaughterer, with its neck half cut and blood dripping down its feathers unto the ground as it ran helter-skelter trying to escape death. But, eventually, I resigned to the fact I just don’t like to be near a live chicken so much and that was that about that. It isn’t a crime and I shouldn’t feel weak or powerless because of this inability.

There are many people who won’t even know whether or not they can hold a live chicken. This is because they never may have had the opportunity to. And they go on living their lives normally not feeling inadequate or anything, simply because they are not aware of any inability in that regard. So what is our stress?… Take for example a Princess in a Royal family whose meals are always handled by a cook and served by stewards. One who has probably never had a cause to hold a live bird for any reason. She wouldn’t even think about it or be feeling bad she is unable to for she hasn’t even tried to. Got it?

Now, let’s say this Princess when given the opportunity could hold a chicken. What has that added to her royalty? On the other hand, let imagine she was petrified at the sight of a big live bird, flapping its wings. How does that subtract from her royalty?

Nothing. Nothing.

So, why do we allow the trivial things we can’t do get to us? It’s okay to want to, it’s alright to try. But, if we can’t, it doesn’t take away our value as an individual.

All the boys of your age can’t rap or break dance, okay? So, don’t feel inadequate just cos you can’t moonwalk to save your life. And all the girls your mates can’t sing, got it? As long as you have a voice and can talk or express yourself, you are fine without being pitch perfect. You are not less of a person just because you can’t do a thing. [Fun fact, there is even something only you can do best if you try to find out.]

I can’t hold a chicken that is very much alive (in less than a minute or two I’m going to let it go while laughing out loud at myself) and I have made peace with that. I hope you do same with that thing you have tried but are unable to. I hope you understand it doesn’t take away from who you are…



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