Are we comfortable sitting alone with ourselves? Can we be still and just breathe? For a minute? Two, ten or thirty minutes? Can we endure the silence of hearing our own heart beat…and nothing else? Giving how busy we have learnt to be in our daily lives, it can be […]


Happy Friday! You’re welcome back again to my bitácora, dear esteemed reader! I hope you’ve been well? I’ve posted from my Android device twice now and it has been quite fun! Nothing wrong with my computer. I just wanted to be more “dynamic”. Lol. Today, I’d like to share with […]


What is Truth?

What is truth? Everyone has their own version of truth. What then is the truth? About life, about love, about living? Think of truth as a key to a closed door. Everyone can have their own type or style of key in hand. Everyone can try those in the lock. […]

Indeed, blessed are the poor. . .

Hello Readers! Thanks for stopping by my bitácora again. I hope you find a lil’ bit helpful all I have been sharing with you so far. Today, I want to talk about a certain experience I had at a coldroom several weeks back. I had gone to buy fish at […]

Stepping out…

  It was C. S. Lewis who wrote in one of his books (which I haven’t read but saw the quote somewhere lalalala J ) that, “Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.” And here is what I want to say about it. […]