The Purpose of Pain

Pain has a purpose. And it definitely achieves it while it lasts. Asides from being your body’s way of calling your attention to your health or alerting you of a pending danger or one already wreaking its havoc, it shows you who people truly are. We all have pains and […]

I NEED A DRINK! Part2 of 2

Truth is, anyone who has ever being in a really bad situation won’t be able to turn away from someone in a similar position without trying to help. And this is how we ought to relate with one another in these things…treating others as we will love to be treated. When we […]

I NEED A DRINK! Part1 of 2

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s been a while…I actually don’t know how this week flew by without me writing here despite wanting to. But I made it here in time to share something important I learnt this weekend. Sit back and enjoy how I found myself in a situation, got my […]


Hey! Cherished reader and friend! It’s great to have you back again. Have you been practicing the challenge On Essential Matters? How has it been? Exciting? Amazing? Feeling a deeper connection with people and things around you yet? Would love to hear from you! Please, drop your thoughts in the comment section below. […]


Hey Dear Reader, hope you are well? I trust you have been living your great life, not being overly bothered by the storms of life, but cherishing every moment as it comes – living it to the fullest and giving thanks for the gift of life by showing and spreading love […]