This week, I considered the issue of self discipline, delayed gratification and the driving force behind these and I have something to share with you on that!

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Discipline in the context of this post is not to “punish or penalize” someone for the sake of ensuring obedience or adherence to some standard of behaviors. Rather it is the ability to do what you should be doing! To know what you should do or say, what actions to take or not to, etc., and mostly because of some overall positive goal. It is a disposition that is learned or adopted and then perfected through practice. It is not a discipline enforced from outside or by an external force to make you obey some rules or practice good morals for your good. It is self discipline and its origin is internal. It starts with you. And ends with you. No one can help you practice self-discipline. It fully depends on you to be disciplined.

So why is self discipline very important? Why is it a form of self love?

Because disciplining yourself to know what you ought to do and not to do is one of the strongest ways you prove to yourself that you love YOU and are willing to do what is good and positive for yourself at any point in time.

When you judge that an action, a habit or a trait is not something that will benefit you in the long run, the driving force to make you do something about it is self love. Because you know you deserve to be better, do better and live better.

If you know something you’re eating or doing is not good for you, self love will propel you to take steps to quit so you can live healthy and stay fit. Self discipline is that ability that allows you to effectively express love to your immediate and future self by taking heed to what you do or don’t do today.

Take for example what humankind is doing to the earth. If we think more about the future and its sustainability, we’d caution ourselves and do more to protect the earth and restore it from all the pollution we have released upon it.

Self discipline starts from the little things of life. How you act moment by moment. Self awareness is equally important to be disciplined as an individual as well. It goes a long way to help us become more authentic and grounded.

How functional is your ‘restraint button’? Do you need to be more disciplined in your everyday life? Don’t feel bad if you discover you haven’t been disciplined enough. Just make up your mind to start working on that from now on. Remember that self discipline is not a destination. It is a journey and we get better everyday.

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