Earlier this week, I set out to find out the exact names of some beautiful hedge plants and shrubs around my dwelling place. I had a faint idea of one or two but because I needed to include a particular one in a short poem I was writing, it was necessary to be doubly sure.

When I typed ‘Hedge plants’ on the search engine, I had no idea I was in for a deep study on plants that would take me about two hours. I thought I’ll just get a result listing the names and their pictures and I’ll look at each and say, ‘This is that!’ or ‘That is this!’ LOL
The first rude shock was when I was firmly reminded that there could be and definitely were countless species and classifications of plants! Haha. And what more? They can sure look surprisingly similiar, especially in pictures!

So there I was opening tabs upon tabs and reading about the length and width of leaves and heights of plants, finding out where what shrub grows more and how best they thrive in certain weather. It was quite interesting in a very beautiful way. I felt like a student once again learning about these things and trying to remember the classifications and match the pictures online with the ones I took.

Take the Duranta plant, for example. It is a species of flowering shrub in the verbena family Verbenaceae, commonly known as Golden dewdrop, Pigeon berry, Skyflower, etc. The genus has different kinds: Duranta erecta and Duranta repens. Though some resources I found states one is a synonym of the other. It took careful examination to differentiate them, and thankfully, both kinds are starting to flower and I observed the difference in colours and appearances.

The Privet shrub gave me a lot of trouble. I kept mistaking pictures of it with Duranta repens at first glance. Only that the leaves of one appear thicker than the other!

I got to know about the Buxus too! It is said to be usually referred to as Boxwood plant and I saw it’s different types in several beautiful pictures of well cultured landscapes! Please note that the genus was quite confusing. I’m not too sure which is which, or if a certain Buxus sempervirens is boxwood too.

Ixora coccinea, a species of flowering plant in the family Rubiaceae, was not difficult to identify at all. The flowers are quite unique! They come in red and yellow on separate shrubs.

I got to see many flowers in the images section of my internet search and I can’t just but wonder and stand amazed at the Intelligence that carefully created these genuses and their different characteristics and unique beauty!

I do hope you are as curious to want to learn more about hedge plants, because I think they deserve much more attention than we are presently giving them! Hahaha

Catch you in my next post. Please stay well!

Photo credits: Yours sincerely using phone camera!

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  1. Lovely post for the naturephile. Favourite part is “can’t just but wonder and stand amazed at the Intelligence that carefully created these genuses and their different characteristics and unique beauty”! God be praised.

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