Hello and welcome to my first post in the Hair Growth Hair Goals (HGHG) Series!

Today, I’d like to talk about a tip that can help you reach your hair goals faster👏
It’s a ‘rule’ in hair growth which not many are able to adhere to for one reason or the other.
We all can hardly keep our hands off our hair, can we?

If you schooled in Nigeria, we were taught to make our hair EVERY WEEK

Checks may sometimes be made on the assembly ground to ensure all the girls have this neat, new hairstyle every week😊
Now many people have found such actions are very good for the outward appearance of neatness but don’t really help hair growth when done too often.

Hence the hair rule: LIMIT HAIR MANIPULATION

Limiting hair manipulation is a technique used to ensure that the hair has lesser opportunities to break.

What is hair manipulation?

It is anything from combing your hair to weaving, threading, twisting, or braiding it.

While this technique doesn’t call for total stop to hair manipulation, it asks to simply limit it.

When you make your hair every week and each of those times your hair experiences friction or poor handling it can lead to hair breakage and that’s one of the ways we lose our hair .

IF you can stretch out the period between which you make/plait or manipulate your hair, chances are hair loss while doing so would be minimal.

Hair loss (which is natural, all things being equal) CAN BE as a result of old hairs in their last growth stage falling off .

But when hair loss occurs through human activities like excessive combing, pulling, etc, it can be minimized by intentionally limiting such activities.
I’m sure you wonder why people on dreads can sometimes have waist length hairs, even the males.

They have almost zero hair manipulation asides the days they wash their hair.

They practically let the hair BE.
And it rewards them by growing.
Have you learnt something today?

I’m sure you have😊

Have a splendid day ahead!🌿💦

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