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You know that moment.
That very moment in time when you feel like all of life is h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g to you.
Yes. That’s the one I’m talking about.
It happens to even the strongest of us and it in no way says we are weak.
When circumstances line up in such a way that one feels so bugged down by all that seem to be happening too fast, by all the several thoughts spinning in one’s head as a result, and by how one has no control over how all these makes one feel inside, it can be said that one is overwhelmed.
And when you are overwhelmed, panic can literally descend as it has a mind of its own and does as it pleases, whether or not there is even a genuine occasion for it to make its eerie appearance.

How can you get hold of yourself in that moment when all you want o do is crumble? How can you bring back the reality that this moment just is and doesn’t have to consume you?

The first helpful thing I think you can do is breath. Yes. Just let yourself breath, consciously. Inhale. Deeply, slowly. Hold it… Then exhale. Repeat this several times until you begin to calm. Until you feel yourself relaxing. I mean just breathe. No matter how overwhelmed you feel, when you put a level of consciousness to breathing, it helps to bring you into the present, into the reality of things, into the truth of the matter: you are not those things that are making you feel overwhelmed. You are you. Simply. vuhALoK

Hold yourself:
No. I don’t mean this in the figurative way people tell those whose emotions are all over the place to hold themselves together. I mean this physically. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is important to anchor yourself and you can do this by literally holding your own body for some moment. Yes, please wrap your arms around yourself, hug your knees to yourself, hold your face in your palms. Send the message to yourself via your body that you are here for YOU. Holding oneself in the way I have just described happens spontaneously in some who are going through a hard time. They may not be exactly conscious of it but that is what their body is making them to do—making them say, ‘Don’t worry. I’m here.’ Now lets imagine you consciously use this trick when you are feeling overwhelmed. It’s likely to work some comforting magic.

Identify your emotions:
Don’t let your emotions fly around in your head unidentified and just keep disrupting your inner peace like that. Grab a piece of paper and make them ‘accountable’ to you. On one side, write down HOW you are feeling e.g. I’m sad. I’m anxious. I’m just afraid. I feel so down. I’m angry. I feel uncomfortable. And so on.
Write all you are feeling down on paper.
Then proceed to understand the WHY of it. Ask yourself, why am I sad? What is making me anxious and fidgety? What am I afraid of? Why exactly am I feeling so down and moody? What is causing me to be angry? Or who/what am I angry at/with? Why am I feeling uncomfortable?
Write down your reasons for feeling how you are feeling. It will greatly help you gain more clarity and even bring more ease because now you are able to find a solution to each of the emotions you have isolated, named and seen the ‘why’ of.

To be continued next week. Please stay tuned!
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  1. Love the very practical advice and I can’t stress the ‘practical’ enough. Love the GIF so much too. I think i need to start practising holding myself from time to time. God help me.

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