Hello Dear Readers! 

It’s been a while…I actually don’t know how this week flew by without me writing here despite wanting to. But I made it here in time to share something important I learnt this weekend. Sit back and enjoy how I found myself in a situation, got my eyes opened to the reality of other people’s experiences and reaffirmed my duty to always be a helping hand.

It happened that I was supposed to be at a program and was already running late. On normal days, it is usual of me to take lots of water. On hot days, I take even more. Today was one of such very hot days and I sure had a couple of opportunities to fill myself to my satisfaction with the blessings of water but, for some reasons I don’t know, I refused to stay hydrated. Even when I had to stop by my apartment briefly to drop something, I was lost between taking water or not, but I shrugged off the feeling. Telling myself I’ll be fine, I dashed down to the program as that was all that was on my mind now. I didn’t know I just threw away my last chance and dug my own grave.

I admitted I was going to arrive at the program very late, but I was determined to be there anyways, so I hastened my steps, walking briskly like some superwoman. The sun was shining fervently, I could feel the heat on my skin, the wind was very dry too, and my throat started getting a little itchy. “Don’t worry”, I told myself, “it will be gone as soon as you arrive at the program and seat under conditioned air”. Whether I could count on that encouragement, I could not say. I just wanted to leave the sun and rest my legs. 

Few minutes after walking and still not anywhere near the venue, I realized I was now really thirsty, and worse still, what I was feeling was one of the strongest thirst I had experienced in a long while. I mean, I really hate to be thirsty, I carry a bottle of water everywhere! But unfortunately, not today.

Plainly exhausted, I got to the entrance of the venue only to see there was nothing to show any related program was going on there. You know those few seconds you try to rearrange your brain and at the same time wonder if you got the venue right and what on planet earth you’re supposed to do next? (yes..that!) that was when these two ladies on their way out were coming towards my direction. I masked my weariness and greeted them nicely, I asked about the program and they said it was in another venue few blocks away from there. I thanked them and made to leave.

At this point, I was already exerted and the averagely short distance looked like a journey through the wilderness in the days of old! 

I encouraged myself to be strong and in time got to this other venue only to find the gate closed. I was torn. I felt like crying. There were no shops or kiosks around to get water or anything, and home was now quite far away. With the level of my thirst, I could buy a sachet of water for ten times its actual price. If I can make it to the mall I could get a bottle of water to chill off but what if I died on the way? (LOL- I was sure I couldn’t die anyways, was just being dramatic…cos the thirst was so bad! Hahaha!) I felt lost and turned to leave.

Just on my way, to my right, I saw a young man who was outside a nearby building in which a conjugal event was ongoing. Guess what he was doing? Washing his hands with bottled water! Cold one! I was dejected. This was me in dire need of water and this innocent wedding guest was being generous in making use of his, probably after devouring a piece of beef.

…see life ooo…

For a moment, I thought to walk into the ceremony and get myself a bottle likewise. Nobody will know I’m not a wedding guest, I said to myself. I dusted off the thought eventually, and resolved to test my endurance limit by making it down to the mall…like a superwoman that I am! LOL

At that moment, I started thinking…of how poor people look at the rich spend lavishly…oh! The pain in their heart! I can imagine the way I felt being very thirsty and watching a stranger use his own water. I felt cheated, unlucky…and should I say, unfortunate! Then, I began to understand better, how the less privileged in the society suffer in anguish for their lack, how the needy in their distress cry to God for help, and the destitute for reprieve and rest. Then I wondered…If only we all could feel their emotions and pains, maybe we would not be so quick to neglect them like we do. Maybe if we truly understood what it means to be in need and be helpless at a situation beyond our control, we would be eager to lend a helping hand to our fellow humans.

This post is getting lonnggg…TO BE CONTINUED……LOL

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