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Hello Reader! I hope you have been keeping well?

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while. Well, not really away. . . As you can wonderfully see, I have moved from my previous site to … so, I’ve been very much around, working on the blog design and all, just hadn’t posted. [smiles…]

While I made this much needed transition, COVID-19 sadly continued to wreak havoc in countries all over the world including mine, where confirmed cases of positive climbed from unit to tens in a very short while, necessitating the lockdown of states and a decree for social distancing and isolation to contain the virus and limit its spread.

It grieves my heart to think of how this sudden change of things in recent times may be greatly affecting people in one way or the other. My prayers are with everyone and I hope the world will soon see an abrupt end to this pandemic!

As we stay home to protect ourselves and our loved ones, I’d love to bring you some words of encouragement, advice and cheer.

It will soon be over. It’s not the end of the world yet. History has taught us that much. There have been plagues in the past and they all came and went. Now that we have even more advanced technology that can reveal to us how to manage and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, mankind has greater chances of surviving and putting to end pandemics like this as a more modern civilization.

Do not panic. As long as you do right by avoiding situations or places that can put you at risk, you will be fine. Read about the virus from trusted sources like WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations), so as to have accurate knowledge on how to protect yourselves and or limit the spread. Maintain proper hygiene during this period (and after, too). Avoid panic and spread only verified information.

Self-reflect. In the very busy world we live in we barely have time to stop and reflect on our lives and the way we are living it. The social distancing that this infectious virus has necessitated has sure made many of us have so much time on our hands than we are used to. And I know it’s possible to divert a larger percentage of that spare time to getting stuck on social media. This is why I suggest your consciously set aside time during this period to practice mindfulness and introspection. Take time to think about your life so far and evaluate yourself. What would you like to change, or improve, or discontinue about the person that you are? This kind of solitude that makes us see what our minds may have hitherto been blinded to during the hustle and bustle of modern life and our day to day activities would undeniably make us better individuals at the end of this pandemic.

Do something for yourself. This is the time to learn something new. Read a book. Register for an online course. Practice a skill. Declutter your room/house: rearrange your dwelling place, get rid of stuff that you’re sure are of no use but only taking up space. Re-strategize your goals. Work on your weak points. Do what you’ve always wanted to do (within the house, pleaseee) but had no time for. Improve your relationship with your family (if you are staying with them) and communicate more with people around you. You can also start an exercise routine to make sure you keep fit. It is also a good time to detoxify yourself and have yourself some good, personal relaxation therapy. And yes, you can scrub your feet too. Hahaha. Trust me, it will feel good!

Check on your friends and loved ones. I felt so loved when some of my friends called or texted to check on me, ask me to stay safe, and sent plenty prayers my way. Like seriously, I was kinda blown. You see, I rarely even go out on a normal day, unless very necessary. You can say I’ve been in my own kind of lockdown long before the government announced theirs. So for these friends to still call me and ask me to keep safe felt really beautiful to me because they would have very well been justified if they rationalized and said, “Pamela is an indoor person anyways, she will certainly be fine.” Though it has become a norm to send wishes and prayers and “stay safe” messages these days, I still felt very loved, remembered and cared for when my friends reached out to me. So, please go ahead and check on your friends and loved ones, too. I’m very sure they won’t take it for granted!

In reality, our world may not remain the same again with the ripple effects this pandemic will unavoidably leave behind on our economy, education, and all the other sectors that has been directly or indirectly impacted by it. But, I want you to remember we all still have one another, and mankind will always rise again as they have in times past. In spite of the pain, I pray everyone affected by this situation will continue to have hope in humanity as we lift up supplications for an end to this pandemic.

Stay safe,


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