I recently shared on my other social media platform how I grew my hair from an afro low cut to its present length in just about a year and half, and I thought to share with you too.

Sometime in 2018, I decided I’d had enough of chemical and heat treatment on my hair.

Over the years, I had damaged my strands going from relaxed tresses to jerry coils. With fragile hair from my last transition to coils in January 2018, I eventually decided to have a haircut which I carried till the following year, just nourishing my hair with natural oils and butters.
Rocked my low afro till I got rid of the damaged hair tips (they kept breaking away) and I then made my first hairdo in May 2019

Here is the summary of my hair regime:
For strands protection
🔸Working in sections
🔸 Low manipulation
🔸NOT combing dry hair
🔸 Avoid chemicals and heat application

By ‘working in sections’, I mean part your hair into manageable sizes on your hair wash day. Don’t wash the whole hair at once as this can make it tangle and knot up and break (while you’re trying to detangle). Shampoo and rinse and weave back each section. Still on weaves, rinse the entire hair.

By low manipulation, I mean the more you touch your hair to plait or comb the more chances are that it will tangle and break.

And this is where protective styles comes in. You can keep your hair neatly in braids, twists or thread, so you don’t leave your strands dry and exposed.

For length retention
🔸Low manipulation again
🔸Protective hairstyles
🔸Mosturize frequently
🔸Deep condition
🔸Listen to your hair
🔸Be patient

Our hair grows up to half an inch on an average every month. The reason we don’t see increase in hair length is mostly because we lose our hair at the tips as we grow them. So, please, protect your hair tips/ends.

The African black hair is beautiful and can grow, too!

All we need do is embrace our own hair as blacks and seek to understand how to take care of it properly and then we can see our hair growing as it is meant to be!

I invite you on this journey of natural hair grooming as many black women are already doing this all over the world.

Do you love your natural hair?

Are you interested in growing it?

May your hair growth journey be full of joy🤗



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