Hello Esteemed Readers! Yeah, I knowww… It’s been a while I posted here. Feels like eons already. Smiles…

I actually haven’t been in my writing space for a while now even though I had a couple of things I knew I wanted to write about…in my head. So many things were on my plate and I had to take one day at a time, attending to my responsibilities and tasks, and dealing with high stress levels on the side. It’s been a terrific past couple of weeks, I tell you!

November went by while I was in this passive relationship with the blog, lol. And I let it go in peace without putting undue pressure on myself to write. In came December with things easing up a little (or maybe it’s just me entering the ‘you don try, stop and just breathe’ zone, hehehe), and I’ve been meaning to express my state of mind about this festive season, in particular, but I didn’t find the words until someone asked me earlier today:

How’s preparation for Christmas?

If you knew me, say about a few years ago, I would usually be campaigning heavily against “pagan holidays” around this period. Actually, starting from November ending even. LOL

But then I got to that point where illusions began to show themselves for what they truly were. That was very liberating. Has been. And I am indeed grateful.

Evidences are everywhere, evidences abound: if you seek to understand what religion, in all its forms, is.

But talking specifically about its ceremonies. Except we still insist on being hypocritical. That is, in this case, ‘very low on our ability to be critical,’ hahaha:

We have all touched, are still touching and will continue to touch in some way or the other things we [self-righteously] label ‘pagan’.

So, why the fuss about Christmas (and Easter) being pagan, especially?

For me, it was wanting to be ‘set apart and holy’, as I was told I must be to be acceptable to God; the one (read as, the righteous one) who pleased God by not indulging in celebrations of pagan origins; the one amongst the very few (‘correct ones,’ practically) who are insisting Christ wasn’t in Christmas in the first place; basically…a religion-police.

So much time and energy went into that path I must say…

Lest I digress.
The hypocrisy of religiouisity is too glaring. You don’t even want to go down that rabbit hole!

Having once been with a religious group that loathe these holidays said to be of pagan origins and who actively campaign against it, I am happy and proud of my state of being right now.

Experiencing and observing everything, be it day, time, season or holidays, like a little child would, has been so beautiful and rewarding.

I am finally at peace.

Yours sincerely,


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7 Replies to “My Peace in this Season”

    1. I swear, I also used to be in the ‘Xmas is pagan’ gang that year, but as one grows older, you come to realise to just enjoy days, with any and every excuse. So every 25th DEC now, I choose to join all the happy in being happy and I have refused to no longer over think everything. Just enjoy days. I share your peace. Kudos on a very relatable article

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