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How have you been since the last time we were here together? Can’t believe it’s almost the end of the first month of the year already, can you? How time flies! There never seem to be enough of it to do all the things we want to do. We are still on it and “puff!”, time’s gone. Hahaha! Wondering if that’s how we end up being the age we are now without having fulfilled everyone of our childhood dreams, yet. Maybe not! Everything requires a process, and go through it we must!

So, the last time I talked about what to do when resolutions come crashing. I emphasized on the importance of living one day at a time, and I am sure some of you may be wondering how exactly? I am back to tell you how!

How to>>>

  • spend each day to the maximum while also building the future without having to be unnecessarily anxious about it…
  • get the best out of the miracle of a brand-new day while spreading all the love and never getting depleted…
  • be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin in spite of the many expectations of the society we all fail to meet in one way or the other….
  • take back your life and live it worthy of the gift that it really is!

It is worthy of note that, it is the little moments and how we use them that accounts for what we reap in the future. If someone sows negative things daily; grumbling about how unfair life is, feeling entitled to one benefit or the other they feel they aren’t getting and are being mad about it, being unkind to their fellow humans, being dishonest in their day to day transactions etc., they are ultimately destroying their future and a chance to live a beautiful life without knowing it. They may just wake up someday and realize they spent their entire life hating more than loving, taking more than giving, using more than serving etc. and by virtue of that, their whole life has been wasted doing exactly opposite of what they were created to do.

To live daily, you must first understand the importance of time. Let’s start from a minute, which is just 60 seconds. Can you hold your breath for just that long, please? Good, thank you. How did you feel afterwards? Like being ‘set free’, right? Even if you couldn’t hold yours for up to 60 secs, you will agree with me you felt different after releasing your breath. So, now imagine how important just a minute is to our core. If you multiply that by another sixty, you get one hour.

Here’s where I am going. Imagine what holding your breath did to your body (yea…I know it didn’t kill you LOL) and compare it to what happens when you withhold something good from yourself or even another. Imagine you withhold forgiveness from a repentant friend, a smile from a weary soul, a cup of drink from a thirsty child, an apology from those you have hurt…imagine what it will do to them!

We are made to love and not hate, and anytime we act contrary to what we are supposed to BE and DO, we not only hurt others but we hurt ourselves!

We are made to love and not hate, and anytime we act contrary to what we are supposed to BE and DO, we not only hurt others but we hurt ourselves!

How then do we live our authentic lives daily? Simple! By cherishing life and appreciating same in others. By being selfless in the way we relate with others. By being kind when all we want to do is be mean. By putting ourselves in other’s shoes before judging them. By loving everyone just as we would love ourselves. By treating others the way we want to be treated. By sowing seeds of love, kindness and mercy, and being hopeful that the sun will always shine on our gloom and the wind will blow goodness our way… By focusing on the essential matters!

Till next time when we’ll be talking more on ‘Essential matters’, stay joyful and live fully!!! 💖💖💖

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  1. Love this. As always. Lool. Just so grateful to live everyday in a paradise of a place. Nature makes living daily such a blessing. Thanks Pam. Well done

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