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My Hair Journey

I recently shared on my other social media platform how I grew my hair from an afro low cut to its present length in just about a year and half, and I thought to share with you too. Sometime in 2018, I decided I’d had enough of chemical and heat […]

Live and let live!

Live and let live! According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, this phrase is used to say that a person should live as he or she chooses and let other people do the same. Generally, many have accepted it as a proverb which means “you should tolerate the opinions and behaviour […]


Are we comfortable sitting alone with ourselves? Can we be still and just breathe? For a minute? Two, ten or thirty minutes? Can we endure the silence of hearing our own heart beat…and nothing else? Giving how busy we have learnt to be in our daily lives, it can be […]


Forgiveness is possible; many of us would agree. But it doesn’t seem all that easy especially when acknowledgement by the offender and apology to the offended is deleted from the equation.Sometime ago, I was hurt by the words of a much older person, and since apology, in a ‘traditional’ situation […]

A Visit with Miss A!

Anxiety. She does come to visit each and everyone of us humans every once in a while, and for some, one time too many. Anxiety. Something we all are very familiar with. [We humans, I mean. #rolls eyes #giggles] It’s obvious we can’t totally stop her or quench her thirst […]