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Hello Dear Readers!

I know it’s been a WHILE! I am sorry I got so caught up in some personal project and before I knew it . . . whew! . . . I realized I was slacking big time over here.

My schedule is less tight now… and I marvel at the things I was able to achieve and with what speed—the methods I have used over the years came in through for me once again! So, I thought to write on productivity. Yeah, yeah, that word is commonly thrown about and there are promises everywhere about simple tricks to boost your productivity, and believe me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of these tips online but I am here to tell you how I thought this past two weeks would freeze me up with the magnitude of stuff I had to do and tasks I had to work on and how applying a method or two helped me pull through.

Am I going too fast? Lol.

Okay, here is it.

There are many wonderful resources on the internet about how to set goals and meet them, on how to be more productive and efficient, and so on. Several people have testified to the magic they worked with some guide they found directly or indirectly through one means or the other, or tips they even figured out on their own.

Since I am all about helping you live fulfilled and be happy in your authentic identity, I am here to share with you what works for me.

You may or may not decide to use my methods but at the end of the day, I would love that you find a way to live a more intentional and productive life by finding out what works for you as an individual.

In the next three posts, I would be talking about the major methods I use to boost my productivity but I would love to start with these words:


You are you.

You are real.

You are peculiar.

You are unique.

So, blaze your trail.

Know thyself. Be free to get acquainted with you and know what you want. Don’t let anyone dictate to you how, when, why and where you should be productive.

Everyone will always act like they know what’s best for you. People will behave as though they know exactly what you should be doing with your life, on what you should be spending your time, etc. They even try to mark you, judge you and dictate to you how well you should believe you are doing generally.

Don’t let anyone do that to you. Don’t let anyone put that pressure on you.

As long as you are learning and growing. As long as you are evolving and improving. Your little drops of water will someday make a mighty ocean!

Yours unafraid,



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2 Replies to “Productivity 101: Blaze your trail!”

  1. Knowing yourself deeply and what your design is by God, and having a thorough understanding of what you are capable of doing, is one of the ways to an enduring peace, satisfaction, freedom, happiness and fulfillment in life. It will save you from living another man’s life. If you fail to know “you” then you are bound to end up in an uncertain destinations in life.
    How catastrophic will it be for a fish to walk on the land, when it was designed by it creator to swim in the water?

    Therefore, when you fail to know your identity, you will be identified with just anything. It’s like a man without a name, he is already a confused person and he will answer any name by which he is called. But a person with a name is already secured and will not just answer for any name that is not his.

    Personally, the knowledge of myself is what I have come to understand right from my tender age. Thanks to the Grace of God for having this knowledge early in life, that is why I am not moved, or feel jealous and be intimidated if any of my mates are running at a faster pace in their own lane than mine. I believe am not here for competition, but to run my race faithfully, steadily and peacefully, and to see to it that am running on God’s own designed track for my life. What that will do is to simply save and always keeps me hopeful that if I don’t relent and get weary as I run on my track, I will arrive at my proper destination in my own time and pace.

    Although there are a thousand and one thing am yet to know and understand about myself, but at least the ones I know has saved me time without numbers from a lifetime troubles, errors and mistakes.

    We are designed for different purpose in life, let each one first discover himself before planning and making choices in life.

    Thanks for this piece, it’s deeply inspiring.

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