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Before I finish up on the topic productivity, I quickly want to talk on peak hours and energy levels. When we hear the word PEAK, what probably comes to our minds first is a high summit, and that’s kind of like it really. Many refer to traffic rush hours as peak hours. Peak hours, in this case, are those times you have your most energy for the day.

Per hour, our energy isn’t consistent, neither is our focus nor productivity. Reason we should work around and take advantage of our energy levels by working on more important tasks when we have the most energy, and less productive tasks when our energy dips.

When you are aware of your energy peaks (your “biological prime time”), you are able to leverage on that and do more.

So, exactly how do we calculate when we have the most energy throughout the day? How do we know when to do the more productive and meaningful things or the less important things?

One of the ways to calculate when your energy peaks and when it naturally dips is to pick a day and pay extra attention to it.


Pretty easy, uhn?

Yeah. Take that 24-hour cycle and ask:

When did I go to sleep on this day? When did I wake up? At what point was I bustling with energy and felt I could do anything? What period in the day did I start to feel draggy and tired? And so on.

Study yourself enough to know when to work on an important assignment or when to just flip through a magazine or reply chats.

Know when to take a break, to clear your head and build up mental energy for peculiar tasks.

Figure out that period of the day to fix meetings, the time to do simple jobs, and when to go for the exerting ones.

Basically, just know yourself and find a way around your energy levels to make the most of each day.

Done with the ‘Productivity’ series, we move on to other topics in our next post. Till then, please feel free to let me know if these writs on productivity has helped you! How do you do your thing, too? Share away!



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