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So, last time we talked about blazing our trail. . .

Side note: When local girl first heard that phrase, local girl imagined warriors with firelight torches, walking in a forest path at night… I won’t say more than that. LOL

. . .and I promised to talk about my tricks to be more productive in this life. Smiles..

First of all, I have a To-do list!

Everything I intend to do a particular day goes in there in no particular order. No matter how insignificant:

Clear the table.

Do the dishes.

Polish the slabs.

Read chapter x and y (of a book. Of course. LOL)

Feed the dogs.

Make the bed.


Empty the dustbin.

Pick beans.

Harvest Scottish bonnet.

Cook dinner.

And so on!

Then I tick each as I do them. When I have ticked all, I feel so happy because I would actually feel like I did something worthwhile all day. And That’s It. I DID.

Also, I add to my list as I remember all the things I need to do for the day. If it’s something for the following day, I indicate that as well.

Believe me, there is something emotionally rewarding about having a list of chores and duties and seeing them all ticked (save one or two some days, to be frank.)

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It also brings more organization to your life as you are able to view all what you need to do at a glance and mentally arrange it in order of priority and level of ease so as to attend to each effectively.

Also, if you are a little bit forgetful (please, if this is you as well, come around, let’s take a selfie together J), having a list will help you write down things you want to do before you forget them, and help you eventually do them since you have them written down.

Lastly, having a to-do list helps with time management. I would usually write everything ‘writeable’ in mine so when I see my list is longgggg I know there is no time to smile at the sky and waste precious time. Yeah, my trick.

Did I say lastly before? Scrap that.

This is the real LASTLY… Having a to-do list will help you realize how important your daily life is. I mean, if you have the life and energy to do most of (or all) what you have on your list, you will know you are actually doing something no matter how small. Without an idea of the things you had to do all day, you may be easily fooled into thinking everyday of your life is wasting away, especially if you don’t have a 9 to 5 job!

Till next time when I’ll be talking about two categories of people and how to make the best of each, I want you to stay fantastic and consider having a to-do list to organize your daily life, boost your enthusiasm and achieve more each day.

Yours sincerely,



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2 Replies to “Productivity 101: TO-DO List!”

  1. Mehn! It’s like u caught me red hand. This was exactly what happened to me today. It cost me more money, more time and more energy that I should have reserved for tomorrow or used for some other things, just because I simply failed to put my to do list to paper as a reminder. 😥

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this simply trick to a good organisation of oneself.😍

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