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Last time, I talked about the discussion I had with a friend last year. Though I was done with school at the time, and I had I read a course I loved, and specialized in a field I enjoy, I was sincerely still in my own kind of pursuit, or better put, clarification of “purpose”.

Because of the intensive hype around finding one’s purpose, I just wasn’t sure anymore. I should add I even went through an online class and took some purpose discovery tests, all in a bid to get this purpose statement that would guide me through life!

I badly needed to hold onto something as my life’s purpose.

I wasn’t satisfied with just knowing deep inside of me what I wanted to live for. I wanted an evidence I could judge and measure myself by. I needed a statement… A written statement. I bet you know what exactly I am talking about! (Now, this is where I give that famous mischievous grin of mine J )

But then, this quest led me to question if what I am actually saying is that I have wasted about twenty years of my life not doing anything at all, just ‘cause I do not have a three-sentence summary somewhere stating my life’s purpose in one breath. I mean, was I saying the years I had lived already were nothing? Empty? Void of purpose or impact so far? And that only when I can define my purpose in words do I truly start to live it?

That thought was scary. And unacceptable. To me! LOL

So, I sat down to think about the many things I already was, the many things I wanted to do with all that I am, and what I was already doing with who I am; in words, actions and disposition, my values, qualities and strength, how I relate with the world around me and the message I am passing to people by the way I live my life each day. Then I understood: the word ‘purpose’ is overrated.

There is nothing magical or supernatural about it. It is who you are when you let yourself be YOU.

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Purpose is simply what happens to us as we keep living one day at a time, following God’s leading and taking care to express all the good He’s put inside us. Purpose is being yourself, it is being ALL you can be, by walking in faith as you strive to live out your authentic identity as a unique individual. You don’t have to become another person to fulfil purpose. Just live and allow yourself be steered towards the path of purpose by being true to yourself.

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We don’t have to sound extra spiritual about purpose. Or get depressed or troubled we have not “found” it. [Relax. Take a breath…]

Just live each day truly and intentionally, and someday, you’ll look back, while probably still hunting for purpose, and realize you’ve pursued and lived it all along without even knowing!

God leads us step by step.

One day at a time.

And it requires trust.

And faith.

We must rest in the fact that He is the one working through us and that every little thing we do counts. It is the sum of it all which becomes purpose.

This has stuck with me: when we truly live and are our unique self, we somehow find and fulfill purpose.

We must believe that this unique self is what God Himself planted in us towards the fulfillment of His purpose for us. We only have to look inwards and build that which God Himself has planted in us and run with this while trusting him. And then, fulfilling purpose would mean looking back at the end of your life with no regrets, because you are dying empty having done and given the world all you should. Knowing you have truly emptied yourself is the end of purpose. And how we know, irrespective of age, that we are on this path of purpose, is how much of what the Creator has put inside of us we have given to bless others. If something in us is uncomfortable about the life we’re living, it may be because that which seeks to reach out to others inside us is not being given an outlet.

But where we have peace, joy and contentment is where there is free outlet of virtue. Virtue that isn’t given expression towards purpose, disturbs the heart of the carrier. We can only find peace when we allow it find expression. Happy is the man who is on the path of purpose even when he doesn’t know it. He is living his authentic identity! He is at peace!

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So, let’s begin to treat everything we do as the fulfillment of purpose. The future is here already. Walking in purpose is every day, is today, is now!!!

Join me next time as I talk about the act of living purposefully.

Cheers on your journey through life!

Yours in purpose,


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  1. I am waiting to see what you write next on the theme of purpose. What you have here is revelatory. I’m sure I’ll always remember this article enough to direct folks to it whenever a discourse on purpose crops up. Thanks for publishing this. God bless you.

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