Failing to Take Action

Failure to take action is a passive form of self-destructive behaviour but it is destructive all the same. We set ourselves up for failure, and in fact, guarantee it when we know something is bad for us but refuse to take ANY steps to remedy the situation.

Possible Causes: Having given up on a particular thing or situation can make us sit passively as we watch it collapse in its entirety. Fear, too, can cause this kind of behaviour.

Suggested way out: You must realize that the onus is on you to take responsibility for your life and all that is happening around you and that is related to your overall well-being. Practice self-compassion and understand the weight of the consequences of your inactions. Do not leave your life to the laws of physics, you may not like it eventually. Act when you should. Be courageous! ….please!

Hiding from Emotions

Another form of self-destructive behaviour that unconsciously manifest is failing to acknowledge negative (and even sometimes positive) emotions which then aids a host of mental, emotional, and physiological problems due to what I will call mental/emotional constipation.

Possible Causes: It is possible that you have been shamed in the pass for expressing genuine emotions such as joy, sadness, disappointment, or even anger, and have learnt to repress your concrete emotions, deny your feelings and pretend they don’t exist.

Suggested way out: You need to understand that it is natural to have emotions and it is okay to express them in a healthy way without hurting others. Also, it will be helpful to find a safe place to acknowledge your emotions by surrounding yourself with people who are both loving and understanding. Stay away from people who desire to moderate your smiles or control your tears. No one should dictate to what extent you can laugh or cry. As a bonus, if you have no one to talk about your emotions with, getting a journal and writing about how you feel is quite beneficial and cathartic.

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5 Replies to “SDH: Failing to Take Action and Hiding from Emotions”

  1. Thanks for picking up this great topic. Since everything takes its pivotal from the standpoint of out mindset.

    Being my first time here, I was greatly blessed with your write-up.

    May the entire world hear you through this blog. Thanks

    1. Amen, thank you, I’m happy to hear you liked the post and I hope you come back to the blog again and again! Cheers!

  2. I really have always loved the idea of journaling, I just struggle soo much with procrastination that I hvnt bn able to even buy a journal to write in lol. This article juggles my memory and as we are now all in lockdown, it is a good time as any to actually start journaling. There is so much time, I am gonna start filling it. Thanks for this article. Kudos

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