It is a solemn truth worthy of note that many people use FOOD as a band-aid for serious psychological and self-image issues. This need not be. Extra slim is definitely not the definition of beauty, you don’t have to starve yourself. And ‘eating away’ your problems doesn’t actually make them go away. That just makes you fat and over weight (double wahala). Food is good for the body but over-eating or under-eating are self-destructive habits that eventually results in many long term health issues.

Now I won’t go into all the medical terminologies of mental health issues but eating disorders, as they are generally called, are serious things to pay attention to.

If you notice you’re adding or losing a lot of weight especially over a relatively short period of time, due to a strange change in your eating habits, you may want to see a doctor to discuss the underlying issue(s) responsible for that. There are professionals who are trained and able to help. [Have you read my post about not refusing help? Okay, here is the link.]

If you believe your habit of either under-eating or over-eating has been ongoing for quite some time, you may want to grab a piece of paper and a pen to trace back to when it all started and how to break out of that habit for your overall good health.

There are very unhealthy things we do daily. We know they are bad for us but we’ve had them going for a long time regardless. It may be time to pay attention to the little, little things that end up becoming the big things later in life.

If you know you need to cut down sugar, increase fruit and vegetable intake, drink more water e.t.c, please do. Try to keep a healthy tab on your eating habits and make sure to talk to someone when you find you have either lost your appetite for a long time or it has suddenly gone right through the roof.

Also, some food related self-destructive habits have a way of slowly creeping up on one and perpetuating themselves until we’re able to realize and snap out of them. How? Have you ever had a friend who was in the ‘fitfam’ league, eats healthy, exercises regularly — in short, everything to guarantee a healthy, long life— and then they fall sick one morning and died the next day? While you grieve, did you let yourself fall apart, sleep all day, and eat everything junk because after all, your fit friend just died anyways? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

There are short periods of time we lose our appetite or eat too many spoons too much. This happens for different reasons, and may be an acute emotional response to anything from lost of a loved one, a job, relationship/marriage etc., and it’s okay. Just don’t stay there for too long. Try not to stay there. Your health is important. Don’t over-eat. Don’t under-eat. Remember your fruits and vegetables. Take LOTS OF WATER!



P.S The featured picture is not chicken. It is fried frog legs (no, I’m not kidding!)…and it’s an extra crispy one. LOL

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  1. A very practical article. Kudos. Because of the coronavirus induced negativity the world is currently enduring, it is easy to throw all caution to the wind and forget or disregard healthy eating resolutions. It is good to be reminded that there is life that must be lived post-corona and that life is enhanced greatly by healthy eating

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