Physical Neglect

This often manifests as failure to maintain a good sleep routine, refusing to exercise, eating unhealthy foods, ignoring personal hygiene and failing to attend to the general wellbeing of your body.

Mental Neglect

To neglect yourself mentally is basically to fail to confront your psychological health issues. When you leave distressing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, OCD (i.e obsessive compulsive disorder), paranoia, high stress with attending physiological symptoms etc., to fester without seeking for help, you are not only delaying healing process but may be encouraging the perpetuation of other long term issues or disorders.

Possible Causes: There are speculations that mental and physical neglect are interrelated, reason we find a depressed person refusing to take care of their physical bodies, for example. Regardless of which leads to the other however, signs of neglect of oneself is a pointer to the fact prompt help is needed as such carelessness is a self-destructive behaviour.

Suggested way out: I wish you can read my lips right now… Get Help! See a counsellor, consult a therapist, talk to someone you trust, confide in a friend…just make sure you get some help. And be sure to tell them about the way you really feel inside of you so they can know how best to help you.

Take care!


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