Social Suicide occurs when you oftentimes unconsciously but deliberately alienate yourself from your friends, probably through a series of annoying or repelling anti-social behaviours.

Sabotaging Relationships on the other hand is a complex act that involves a larger variety of destructive behaviours such as anger, jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, violence, emotional manipulation, neediness, distrust and so on.

Usually, when we don’t feel worthy of love, we unconsciously manifest this in the way we choose to behave in and with our relationships in life.

Several multifaceted factors are usually responsible for these two types of self-destructive behaviours mentioned above and I dare say that dealing with them is very important as we are created social beings and cannot do without healthy relationships with others.

If you find yourself guilty of social suicide or you continually sabotage genuine and positive relationships, you need to immediately start working your ways down to the ROOT of that behaviour so you can resolve it and get back to building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people around you.

Though there are several other self-destructive behaviours I didn’t touch on in this series, I want you to look at the few ones I mentioned through the lens of our joint frailty as humans and know that any kind of bad behaviour or habit loses half of its power the very moment it is recognized for what it is. As you actively seek to correct any one of the negative things you no longer want in your life, I send you plenty of love from here and wish you the very best so doing!

This brings us to the…end…of…the…SDH series!!! Hahahaha!

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2 Replies to “SDH: Social Suicide and Sabotaging Relationships”

  1. Insightful article, however how do we distinguish an extreme introvert by nature from someone who is experiencing social suicide?

    1. Thanks, Adewonu. Just as the name implies, intentional negative behaviours are often associated with social suicide. These may include betraying or hurting someone who trusts you, or adopting toxic dispositions that make you very unpleasant and thereby drive people away from you. Many do this because they want to be left alone (because they are not ready for the work of maintaining a healthy relationship with others? Or are just being selfish?) and will do anything to achieve that. This is in every way different from someone who isn’t going all out to shatter existing relationships with people but is just merely introverted. However, many may easily mistake “extreme” introversion for social suicide because when the quality of being shy, reticent and withdrawn tips over to you actively trying not to have relationships with people at all, you may already be guilty of social suicide depending on the strategies you employ to ensure your aloofness/aloneness/me-time.
      I must note that it is possible to be an introvert without being nasty, and that anything extreme is usually self-destructive in and of itself. I hope I’ve been able to answer your question… Cheers to an awesome week ahead!

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