Stepping out…

  It was C. S. Lewis who wrote in one of his books (which I haven’t read but saw the quote somewhere lalalala J ) that, “Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.” And here is what I want to say about it. […]

Finding purpose or living purposefully?

We all reach that point in life when we wake up feeling purposeless and that can be incredibly frustrating. We see others living passionate, engaged, meaningful lives. They have wonderful relationships, great jobs and this sense of direction that gets them out of bed each morning with a happy courage […]

The Knotty Issue of Purpose

  Sometime last year, a friend and I were chatting and he asked if I think of words like ‘destiny’, ‘purpose’, ‘calling’. He said he really needed to discuss these things with someone. So, my talking tap went off and I told him some of what I thought, at that […]