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Sometime last year, a friend and I were chatting and he asked if I think of words like ‘destiny’, ‘purpose’, ‘calling’. He said he really needed to discuss these things with someone. So, my talking tap went off and I told him some of what I thought, at that moment. About purpose, about how life works and what we are here to do for ourselves and the benefit of one another. Have a peek at my heart, again:

I do think about purpose and the essence of life. And, I believe when we truly live out our unique selves, we somehow find and fulfil ‘purpose’.

But, unfortunately, society’s turned up side down and places certain expectations on people, unnecessarily. Career choices are ever so closely tied to the concept of purpose, and quite rightly so, and any deviation from what the majority understand to be an achievement and boom!…you are tagged a failure before you’ve even started.

Truth is, we all can be anything that best resonates with us and go on to live fulfilling lives, doing what we have in us to do, expressing that talent, that good gift in us, with absolutely no pressure to fit into the world’s definitions and expectations. For example, not everyone must be a Doctor, or a Lawyer, or an Engineer. No! Many people tend to see these professions as the (most) “successful” ones, which is very far from the truth. You can be any of these things and still live an unhappy life if you were talked into it for one reason or the other, either by yourself or another. On the other hand, when a child grows – unconditioned and not pressured – and they discover their interest in life and health, in defending people and fighting for rights, or in solving complex problems, they will automatically follow the profession that best suits them without external influences. This, however, does not completely rule out the place of parental guidance and support. And, also, asides the need to follow one’s passion or interest, the specific need of the society may be permitted to influence one’s choice, because at the end of the day, we aren’t here to serve ourselves, but others. Right?

As explained above, concerning the three major professions too many kids want to be, any child can as well choose to become a painter if he discovers the love of colours and brushes within himself. Now, why is it that society applaud the one and shun the other, whereas each has chosen to pursue their personal interests? Can’t people feel happy and content, and might I add, be and feel successful, in any area or field they find themselves? Must we allow others to dictate what we can be, to be tagged successful, even if its outside our elements and far from our inner desires? Why do people feel like they have failed in life because they are not the one thing or the other thing another person is? Where is our sense of purpose and focus…?

We get things wrong and become embattled when we step out of our true essence. Yes, I believe whatsoever our hand finds doing, we should do well. But, how wonderful it will be if we are doing that which comes natural to us, from deep within our authentic self, and not what society has conditioned us to believe is success and now expects or demands from us as a result. Blessed are we if we strive to be who we were made to be and are happy with who we are!

Sadly, quite a number of people have fallen into the tight mold of the acceptable definition of success and it has guided their path and choices in life. More seriously, it is dictating their happiness as well. Talk about following the routine of living daily, and still feeling one is somehow “wasting away” …or one is not yet fulfilling purpose.

So, back to this knotty issue of purpose, a lot of people still ask till this day:

What exactly is purpose? How do we find it? How do we live and fulfill it?

These and other questions about purpose, what it is and what it may really mean, will be discussed in my next post!

Till then, let me ask you…are you happy with what you are living for and how you are living it? Can you say you have found “purpose”? Is “purpose” even something to find or discover? Or is the pursuit of it only another pressure we have put on ourselves instead of living and enjoying the gift of life on our own very terms?

Yours in learning,


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