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So, today I was supposed to go get some vegetables and fruits for juicing. My mother volunteered to drop me off on her way to work but I told her I doubt the vendors would be out that early. An hour later, my dad was set for work as well and asked to drive me down to where I could get them before heading for work. I hesitated. This thing had happened to me before oh! I set out to get groceries too early and met the store closed and decided to venture elsewhere and almost got kidnapped on my way back. And that is story for another day. Lol.

My dad assured me I should find them. He said it was better I buy them this morning once and for all and settle down to enjoy the rest of my day instead of setting out in the hot afternoon all in the name of fruit shopping. He knows that leaving the house for any reason is a full-time job for me (and I may end up not going at all…hahaha!)

I considered the free ride and grabbed my own house keys and some cash and went with him. He dropped me off right at the junction and I waved him bye as he turned to go. We had been laughing and chatting right up till when I alighted so I was not paying attention to the presence or absence of any vegetable vendor. I was now on the busy express, alone with my two ears and one nose, and then it dawned on me. There was no Mallam or wheelbarrow bearing vegetables in sight. I almost shouted “wait!” at my dad’s car which had now been passed to go on by the traffic warden at the busy T-junction. He would have helped me further with his car, to the next vegetable market in the town. In those few moments I thought of crossing to the other side of the road and flagging down a cab to go elsewhere to get my stuff. That very moment too, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to stand for a couple more minutes and feed my eyes with the hustle and bustle before me. I have spent few months at home and I can probably count the number of times I stepped outside our gate to go to the main town on the fingers of one hand. Las las, I go quickly dash somewhere within the neighborhood and quickly dash back. Na so I be. Lol.

So my eyes went from the pretty lady in blue jeans crossing the road, to the fair boy sitting under a network provider umbrella, to the middle age man trying to buy a crate of eggs from a nearby stall, to the line of cabs waiting for passengers heading to the campus which is about ten kilometers away from where I was standing. One man looked at me as though I was lost sef. I must have looked it anyway, the way my eyes were taking in the environment. I liked been outside after a long time but still couldn’t wait to be done and back home. And then I sighted a sack of something on the floor across the road and a northerner sitting on a wooden bench just beside it, devouring a plate of what looked like pasta and rice. My heart leaped for joy. These vendors were around! Just imagine o. Around and chilling, about to lose a customer. Heheheh. I hurried off to the place and on getting closer confirmed it was indeed a sack of cabbage. Beside it were carrots, turmeric, green pepper, still in their baskets waiting to be arranged. I happily bought all I wanted to buy; I was glad I wouldn’t have to make another trip farther into the metropolis.

Truth is, I would have, if not for those few minutes I permitted myself not to be in a hurry! Those few minutes I decided to tarry and just breath, to think about the next course of action. Those few minutes made my day! Lol.

There are times things would have turned out a little better if we only had waited a little while. Words we may not have spoken, actions we may not have taken, decisions we may not have made…

If only we learn to STOP and take a breathe, and then calmly figure out what is best to do in certain situations, we may find the solution or answer right before us, not so hidden.

Next time, friends, wait…just a few minutes.

Wait, just a little while.

Don’t be in a rush, okay?

Everything is going to be alright!



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2 Replies to “WAIT! …Just a few minutes!”

  1. This is lovely Ope.
    Thanks for speaking out my latest attitude to life.
    Hastiness towards issues of life doesn’t produce results, and if it does, they are temporary and often times end on bad notes.
    Learning of God our high Priest of good things to come, I’ve come to realize that as calm as he His, the best of all still comes out of Him.
    The best we can do is to subjugate our minds to His nature and take things calmly.
    Eventually, we’ll be fine
    Like, last last we go dey alright.

    1. You are right, Olaide. I am glad you have this wonderful disposition. Indeed, it is profitable to take things calmly. And isn’t it so awesome God is never in a rush? It is! We are His children and have His nature. Thanks for your profound comment. Cheers!

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