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There are times in our lives that we are anything but excited and happy. What do we do to bring back the smiles and feel great again? In my next post, I will talk about some secrets to being happy but before then, let’s see how not to go about being happy again.

Excessive shopping

download (62).jpgYes, getting new and fancy stuffs may lift your spirit a bit but using impulsive shopping to try brighten up your life will only leave you having nothing to save for the rainy days, unnecessarily filled up spaces and bills and many more bills. Asides the fact you may end up finding out you bought a thing or two you don’t even need; you may also realize you don’t actually like some things outside of the supermarket shelf. That definitely leaves you regretting your purchases.

Giving indiscreetly

If you give out things not out of good cheer but simply because that would make you feel happy that you are able to gift people things, you may be doing a wrong thing. This is one sure way to end up feeling gloomier. Why? Because not giving from a good and selfless intention or motive may likely mean you also haven’t carefully considered what you are giving out or the tactfulness of it. You merely wanted to become a Santa Claus to feel altruistic and thus ‘happy’. Many people after dashing out stuff imprudently (without being asked and when the receiver isn’t even in dire need) in a bid to feel like they are doing something very noble for mankind and as a result feel gratified, eventually find out what they have given out is exactly the thing they probably should not have given out at that point in time. Believe it or not, being wistful about something that’s no longer yours is likely not going to make you feel like you are on cloud nine. It is good to give; it is better to give cheerfully, and it is best to give without selfish motives and without expecting anything in return. And, oh! What joy it is when you give freely from a good place in your heart without having a cause to regret what you have given out.

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Reconnecting with old friends

It is a wonderful thing to reconnect with old friends you have once shared happy moments with. You will definitely feel glad to be able to meet up with some people from your past, relive memories and have a good time but doing this solely because you are sad, bored or feeling down is something you should decide on wisely. People change. That your old buddy you haven’t heard from in a long time may not be the same as you have known him or her. Before you ring someone you haven’t contacted in years, prepare your mind for the probability of meeting a whole different person from the one you knew maybe years back. It’s okay to reconnect if they were really good and loyal friends you lost contacts with for reasons that come with living life and the time and chance that happens to us all, but it’s wise to take your time before being vulnerable with someone who may no longer have your back. You may end up feeling worse than you were. Also, when you are in a fix, feeling down and need someone to talk to, you may want to think twice before confiding in any “random” friend, acquaintance, neighbor or co-worker you know close to nothing about. Don’t do that when you are feeling low as your intuition may likely be in a compromised state. I should state here that this is why I suggest everyone should have a trusted circle of friends they can run to for support when occasion calls for one.

Social Media

Straight to the point: seeking public attention on media platforms for some dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins highs is not a very helpful thing to do. I bet you know that already.

Faking it

Image result for want to be happy?The last thing you want to do when you are unhappy or depressed is pretend that everything is fine. Instead of acting as though all is alright with you, it is best to let your family and loved ones know what you are going through. One reason you should do this is that you know they love you and would want you to be happy, and that hiding your unhappiness or depression from them will not let them be able to help you come back to yourself again. Another reason to do this is that it will help them understand your state of mind at that time and prevent them from wrongly interpreting your every action and being offended by them. It will also stop them from making your mood worse by certain actions of theirs. When the people close to you are aware you are emotionally down, depressed or disturbed about something, they will be more sensitive and considerate while also doing what they can to make you cheerful again.

In conclusion, things are bound to happen to make you feel sad. Truly has it been said that there is a time to laugh and a time to cry. There will be times you will be sober and need to introspect, too. Just don’t let yourself stay down for too long.

I would like to hear from you, too, about the thoughts I have shared above. Have you tried to be happy again in some way and it didn’t go so well? Did you end up feeling worse and how did you pull through? If you have any addition, or contributions to make to this post, please feel free to do so in the comments box and let’s learn ways to not attempt to find happiness, together.


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