So, I woke up early this morning to make an important phone call as regards an appointment I should have about an hour and half later…

I spoke to this person on the phone for about a minute and half; I exchanged pleasantries as usual and then spoke briefly about the reason I called.

I knew I was still feeling sleepy but I needed to make that call before I went back for phase two of my sleep. In fact, I barely could keep my eyes open as I spoke on the phone

After I ended the call, I was relieved I had settled that aspect of my day and I comfortably went back to sleep😌

I just wanted to sleep for some ‘few minutes’ more or thereabout, really. But when I eventually woke up it was like a hour later!

I was first shocked (to have woken up later than I felt I would) and then immediately felt happy that I had forced myself, earlier, to make that important call about the said appointment.

Living souls…

I picked up my phone to check the call records and this person was not there😂😂

In fact, I had no call record for that morning at all, and the last call I had received was from the previous day. Ha!!!

What the heck happened?!😂

I mean the call and the conversation felt SO REAL!

I spent a while thinking about it and my conclusion is that a sleeping local girl had a very lucid dream🤣🤣

I hope you’re having a nice day? Isn’t the weather just lovely?☺️

Have a great weekend ahead!


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