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Hello Dear Reader, it is wonderful to have you back again. Today, I decided to start a segment on my blog where I let you take a peek into my weekends and see how I am living the gift called Life and the lessons I am learning along the way.

It is mid-december and I spent my weekend talking to strangers, asking for help when I needed it, showing gratitude to people and being intentionally kind and observant of my environment. In short, I had the best weekend because it was filled with little miracles and loving smiles from friends and friendly strangers alike.

How did my weekend go exactly?

Friday morning, I got some extra cash gift and decide to pamper my poor self so off I went to a cosmetic shop to get me some hair product —and a compact powder for a change, LOL.

You know, it’s been a while I used a brown powder and I didn’t know what was ‘current’ in terms of brand names and quality, neither was I sure what tone was best for me. FYI, I still argue with people who tell me I am a fair lady. Hahaha.

And attachments? I never seem to be able to make up my mind about what to use! All of them be jus’ callin’ me…whatchamagonn’ do? Lol.

So, I gave my biggest smile to the sales girl I met at the extreme end of the store and quickly employed her in my decision making. I told her how clueless I was about these things and how I would love to get good stuff in spite. After several minutes of considering available stock she helped me in deciding on a lovely kinky bulk out of several choices I had, and a suitable quality powder, too. I, satisfied, made my way to the cash point, paid for my things and left after thanking the lady and heartily waving her goodbye. Though it’s been a while I visited that place, I know the lady is fairly new there as it was my first time of seeing her. It would probably be eons before I do again, but I am glad I met this lady who was particularly kind to me. And, since the owner changes his sales workers often, I may not meet her ever again. Such obviously is life…

Soon, I was at the hair saloon sitting through an elaborate hairdo process (rolls eyes) while watching the time and getting uneasy. I didn’t like that I was spending so much time braiding my hair even though I was redeeming the time by reading one of the books in my e-library. I guess the fact I was getting hungry contributed to my impatience; who knows? Anyway, in walked another hairdresser who had come to my own hairdresser so as to make her own hair. Got it? Just like a Dentist visiting another Dentist (yes, dentists too have teeth problems. Giggles)

This visiting hairdresser volunteered to join in my hair making and I was so thrilled. In no time they both were done… Indeed, four hands are better than two! If that wasn’t a tiny miracle (because God knows how much I wanted to get the hair making over and done with), what is? Here, another stranger helped me and I didn’t even ask this time.

Then came Saturday and I went for an occasion. At the end of the programme, I had trouble getting commercial transport out of the place due to the remote location and I watched people who had come for the same occasion make their way out to the main town in their personal cars. I had two choices: to ask for a ride from one of the many guests or walk on heels (arrgh) to the nearest junction of which I was certain I wasn’t going to make it there looking very happy. So, I looked around and went with the first choice. Long story short, Nigerians are very nice people. LOL. Yeah, I mean they welcomed me into their vehicle and dropped me off exactly where I was going, yaayy! I wondered what would have happened to me if I didn’t ask for help. I would probably be massaging my feet instead of writing this post right now.

Another lovely thing that happened to me this weekend was babysitting for a stranger at the event I was at. Again, I may never meet the mother and child again —or just maybe I would. It’s a small world after all— but the look of relief on the woman’s face when I offered to hold her baby (so she could attend to duties recurrently delegated to her at the event) was priceless. The little one was lovely company, too. Such a happy child! Her smile, so angelic!

I am grateful for the help I had at the cosmetic store because I ended up being satisfied with the hair choice and style; and the brand of powder? It was just perfect for my face!

The helping hand that joined in at the saloon and made it possible for me to finish my hair on time was an answer to my soul…and stomach’s…sincere desire, too.

The couple that gave me a ride saved me from what would have been an arduous walk and I was even able to keep what I would have paid for transport if I had taken a bike or cab further to my destination.

I had a young soul to spend about three hours with and this gave me the opportunity to once again live in the world of children and examine their ways, watching their actions and making sense of it. This experience once again reminded me that children are much more capable of wonderful things than we like to admit. They are smart and intelligent and are watching us. They need to be loved and understood and require more patience from us than we may be presently giving.

Let me intrigue you a little. We were served small chops at our table and the wooden picks were lying flat on the serving plate. The little one picked each bun one after the other and inserted a pick into them. When she was through, she looked up and I smiled. Her sole message was that the caterers should have inserted the picks on each individual snack so guest could just pick each using the picks. I wondered if she had been to another occasion with her mother and seen that done that way there and decided to “correct” the error of the servers this time. She should be just about twenty months old or thereabout, so you can imagine that attention to detail. She eventually helped herself to almost all the chops at the end of the day.

This weekend was great, and as I sit here typing, I am counting all the lessons and sweet reminders it brought my way:

To go out into the sun more often.

To let people help me to make better choices in things they know more about than I do.

To make wishes even if I have no idea how exactly they would come true.

To sometimes choose that option that requires qualities like boldness, humility, and trust, independently or in a mix.

To offer to help others when they need it.

To be truly grateful for the kindness others have shown to me.

To consider the ways of children, interact with them and learn from their untainted souls.

I hope you will find these above lessons worthy of note too. Till another weekend when I have something to share, keep living and learning, and be free to share with me too.

Cheers, to a great new week ahead!


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