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You are very welcome to Pam’s Bitacora!

I created this site sometime back in 2016 for all the purposes I had in mind, but due to my busy schedule then, I left it to gather “dust and cobwebs” until now! Truth was, I wasn’t really ready to have a blog then… AT ALL. After much thought and contemplation, however, I have realized I have to do this, and now, I’m ready to start…….blogging!

Why do I want to blog?

As you may have kindly guessed, I searched around my head for reasons to blog for so long a time I actually delayed starting anything. Oftentimes, I would ask myself,

“What on earth would you write there? What exactly do you intend to share with people? Would you be consistent in writing and be able to dish out concrete and inspired posts on a regular basis?”

…but then, I’m the girl who: gets asked every now and then by friends, relatives and other people I come across in my day to day interactions, “Do you have a blog?”, or get comments like “Why not share your thoughts? ..(I get those for the really crazy and weird ones anyways. LOL), or “Oh! you really should have a wordpress or something” (probably to serve as a silo for how funny life can make you, a storage for memories to giggle at in years to come, and a record to document those things that hurriedly slip away…)

And, I’m usually like, “Really? Okay, I’ll try see to that…”, already knowing in my heart I do not really desire to join the teaming crowd of bloggers all over the world, I mean, we would be too much now, haba!

Unless, of course, I have something peculiar to say or share! And, truly, I think sharing my past adventures and taking you on a ride with me on the present will be an exciting experience for you and I!

So. What to expect here?


Kind of like…MANY THINGS!

And I mean absolutely anything, ranging from short articles on various topics from health and lifestyle to human relationships, nature photography, movie/book reviews, hair, skin and body care, poetry, prose, and many musings on my life’s journey. I would post just about anything I feel prompted to share that could be of benefit to even one person, at least. On prose, I can’t promise plenty stories. I spend more time thinking stories than actually writing them, if at all. [NB: I really hope to change! I will change!] Not everyone can be Shakespeare or Hardy overnight, but I can be a realist and narrate experiences I’ve had or I’m having, perhaps my readers can glean a lesson or two to help them live a happier and more beautiful life.

Disclaimer: The aim of my writings here is not to put up a facade. I intend to tell things as they are, just the way they come to me. I just want to share a large part of my life with you, and really, it’s okay to be free and vulnerable. Sharing my journey and learning together is just enough for me.

I hope to chronicle my journey as a means to encourage others and have fun. I will share things pertaining to spirituality, personality types, diet and healthy food recipes, art, family, career, drugs, sex, culture, values, education, and other things that border on humanity, and I will also share pictures from nature, poems and personal thoughts and quotes.

This site is dedicated to those who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before them [Heb 6:18], to those on a journey of finding themselves and walking in the light of who they were created to be, to those who are tired of the status quo and looking to express their authentic self, to those seeking out their unique identities and the child within, to all who believe in a better tomorrow in spite of it all, and for those who through quest have caught a glimpse of the true life.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me too, and we can help each other truly understand this world we live in, enjoy the gift of the earth and thus, live better lives. Truly, Life Is Indeed Beautiful…when we are aware of our real identities, and live real lives!

Join me on this ride, will you?

With love,



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