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What is truth? Everyone has their own version of truth. What then is the truth? About life, about love, about living?

Think of truth as a key to a closed door. Everyone can have their own type or style of key in hand. Everyone can try those in the lock. But only the right key will open the door.

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So stop and imagine.

How do you feel when using a wrong key on a door? It won’t open and you feel a bit frustrated. Especially if you really need to get in there.

How, also, do you feel when you have a key and it does what it’s supposed to do?

Anything that will make you feel you are standing before a closed door with a wrong key ain’t the truth.

Whatever version of “knowing” which you have called truth that you have, how it makes you feel is how you know what is truth and what is not.

Truth makes free and freedom is both felt and experienced. It is not merely in the head. It is not hope simply written on paper. It is how you live your life right now.

So. Am I saying that once we feel it is not right/truth, then it’s not right?

I think the true answer may lie in if it was a superficial feeling wrapped in self-deception that eventually leads to a false conclusion OR if one has truly experienced the feeling of standing behind a closed door with a wrong key and no hope of “an entrance” FOR that particular truth…

Nevertheless, truth is what it is… Truth is ALL the facts minus all things imagined, invented, or considered as and then accepted as truth…

Happy New Year!

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