Time Yourself

It is possible to be so lost reading on and about something that you forget that you have other things to do. And it is also very likely that the more time you spend researching on a topic at a stretch, the more difficult sourcing out the required info becomes. You could even get carried away, slip from the subject of focus and waste precious time. Ever gone to the internet to ask if cats can swim and you are there two hours later watching kittens drinking milk on YouTube? Oh great! This is why it is a good idea to know what you are going for, go straight for it and exit almost immediately. Else you find yourself compulsively consuming information not beneficial to the alleviation of poverty or resolving the problem of climate change. Timing yourself and disciplining yourself to abide by it will save you time, energy and unnecessary mismanagement of precious resources. Yes, data. Lol

Compare Sources

When you are trying to find out more about a topic of interest, try and compare sources to make sure you are getting the best of information. Checking out other reliable sources will help guide you on staying on the right path in your quest for knowledge. It is not always healthy to stick to one side in anything. Read to learn, but see from a good number of angles to make a wonderful conclusion or reach a balanced conclusion on any issue you are curious about.

Read to learn, but see from a good number of angles to reach a balanced conclusion on any issue you are curious about.


Share, Share, and Share!

The last but not the least tip is to share whatever information you are finding with your friends and family. They may have one or two things to contribute to your knowledge and also be instrumental in correcting any perceived faults while you also help to tell them what they may not have k own before or be aware of. At the end of the day, you will be glad you didn’t hoard your findings.

Above all, it is great and wonderful to be curious, for out of it many ideas were birthed and innovations made. Yet, we should adopt a healthy approach in our quest so we can rather drive solutions and increase in knowledge not cause problems and confusion for ourselves and others through misinformation. We must remember what killed the cat!

Afterthought: but a cat has nine lives anyways…so read away!!! LOL

Till next time…enjoy life!!!

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