Last month my touch pad stopped working. Yeahhh… It did. While I was working on a deadline. And, I surprised myself by not even thinking to get someone to help fix it. (P.S I would probably have done if I wasn’t so drunk on yoghurt and beef biltong that afternoon.) I set out to do whatever would make it start functioning all by myself and, oh boy, it was so exciting.
Now, I won’t go through all the details of how I used some special function keys to maneuver my way over to the control panel and checked just about every segment to see if there is anything that ‘looked’ like an instruction to enable my touch pad or even how I eventually reported my predicament to Google for suggestions (of course, after I exhausted some calories getting familiar with hitherto untouched territories on my computer system). But, over several really trying minutes, I patiently resolved my issue right there in my bedroom. Yes; without making any calls to my amazing tech savvy friends (shout out to y’all!)
Many different things can go wrong at any time. An allergic reaction to a new product. A kitchen gadget parking up in the middle of a culinary process (here, I am talking directly to a certain blender in my life, hehehe). Your car keys going into mysterious hiding just when you are about to go somewhere important. Your wallet getting missing—and asides some cash, you’ve got your credit cards in there. You finding yourself in the middle of an interpersonal fix or a confusing situation. And so on.

What do you do?

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Number one, DO NOT PANIC
I want you to take a moment and think back on your life. Perhaps, there is a point or two you can remember you panicked about something. Looking back now, would you agree that many of your fears were mostly unfounded and that particular situation, contrary to how you felt then, was not figuratively the “end of the world”? You made it through whatever it was and here you are. Okay? So. Do not panic. Or better still, try not to panic. Try to keep your cool while you work around the situation. [If it’s your android not responding in the middle of something important doing, however, you are absolutely free to scream at it! Those devices are rogues. LOL.]

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Number two, THINK
Yes, think. Of the worst-case scenario and make peace with it someway. It would help you make a good judgment on what’s on ground and what’s at stake. If, for example, a tool you need so badly stopped working, allow yourself just a minute to imagine the worst that can happen.
You do not find a prompt solution –checked.
You are unable to complete the task –checked.
You disappoint a client –checked.
You come across as unreliable –checked.
You become really sad –checked.
You end up not ever becoming happy ever again –not checked!
Whatever is happenING, no matter how terrible, is passING.


images - 2020-02-03T121930.453It is going to pass. And, trust me, you are going to be FINE. So think about this, for as little as a minute, and watch it promptly douse the flames of panic while allowing you to figure out the immediate needed solution.

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This brings me to the last point, Number Three, FIND A SOLUTION
After you have chosen calm over panic, and have resolved you are eventually going to make it out of whatever the unpleasant situation is, proceed to find the most effective solution. Not being in the state of panic will help your head stay clear enough to make sound decisions. And thinking of the worse-case scenario and how exactly it does not apply to your peculiar situation will program your subconscious to be receptive of a positive aftermath.
When something goes wrong, always remember to say to yourself:
Do not panic.
It is not as bad as you think.
You are going to be fine.
Just think of a solution…calmly.

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Let me know if you find my little tips helpful and do share if you have a thing or two you want to add.
Yours in keeping-it-calm,


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