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Did you have a long list of what you wanted to start doing or stop doing this new year? Did you feel you were up to the task and it would just be an easy thing to do if you were determined? Did they end up being just a to-do list for the first week of January?! And do you feel bad at having failed at your resolutions? You are not alone!

resolutions[Side note: I’m actually not trying to make you feel better by saying you’re not alone. Truth is, many people had great plans for the year. They wanted to start eating right, exercising often, reading more. They wanted to start that blog, end that toxic relationship, stop being an internet addict 😁, break some bad habits and let go of everything that makes them stop! They had it all laid out, planned and waiting for execution. In fact, they spent the last days of December figuring it out and waiting for the 1st of January to…shoot! But then, things didn’t work out strictly as planned.]

Sure, you had them going the first few days in January and you must have been feeling really great you finally get to be the ‘better person’ you’ve always wanted to be. A couple more days in and you catch yourself dragging your feet at your resolutions and you are like, ‘be strong dude / girl!’. That’s exactly when you remember all the stories you hear about people building patterns and new habits if they stick to certain routines for some certain number of days, and you encourage yourself so much, trying to forget that the same thing happened last year and the year before and…you ‘failed’.

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Thing is, we are all guilty of waiting for January to make a new beginning and that’s where we get it wrong. Funny thing is, when we fail at doing those things we promised ourselves for the new year, we unconsciously but automatically reset to ‘next time’, whenever that may be, even if it’s many months later (and I promise you, you wouldn’t even know you have done this to yourself. You will be there, subconsciously thinking you probably might not be able to ever get over eating junks just ‘cause you tried to quit and could only go as far as say 10th January, for example; you give up and keep stuffing yourself with more junks, lamenting your woe and romancing your love for it all at the same time.) continue or not to continue?

You broke your rule few days into January, so what? 😏 What happened to starting all over(immediately)?? What stops you from reaffirming your decision to get things ‘right’ this year and beginning again by making sure you stick to your set goals starting from that moment you failed, knowing those decisions will bring you good, help you live a healthier, livelier and more beautiful life?

When we understand that we make these decisions for ourselves and what is ultimately good for us, we will stop being bound by time or days or a particular period in time. We will make our decisions and when we don’t live up to it, we try again the next day, not just any other day that marks a ‘new beginning.’ Because we know every day is an opportunity to start over. EVERY DAY is a clean sheet of paper on which to write something new!’re right

A new year may not necessarily be a new beginning, a start of something new, a change, or a new phase in one’s life. Any day can be! It’s high time we all learnt that January 1st is just another day of our lives which has begun for a while. There is absolutely nothing extremely special about it, really. So, choose to face your battles boldly, EVERYDAY, and conquer them ALL, one day at a time!

Resolution or no resolutions, live each day truly. If it’s hard, or you messed up at something, get yourself together and TRY AGAIN TOMORROW. I know you won’t keep failing every single day till the end of the year. I know you will stop that bad habit, break that addiction, be a better person, make great friends, learn new skills, master old ones, take charge of your health, keep fit, and whatever else you’ve got on your list! One day at a time. I believe in you that much. Do you believe in yourself? You have to! That’s the key to achieving success.

..determine to keep going!

Have you failed at keeping your new year resolutions already? How far into the month did you go? Do you still want to keep them? Have I inspired you to start over/continue in spite of the “break”? Let me know in the comments sections! Thank you!


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  1. Wow! Great piece sis. I love the part that said “a new year might not necessarily be a new beginning or the start of something new, every day is a new beginning” January 1st is just like any other day of our lives, so if you couldn’t start then, you can definitely start the next day because everyday is special.

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