A few years ago, when I was still actively playing the guitar, a friend of mine asked that I come play to a song her group was presenting at a Teens’ program in their fellowship. It was to be a cover of Alexandra Burke’s “Halleluyah” and they had added a couple of verses to it, composed along the tune to suit the theme. We had a rehearsal some days prior to the programme and I went along with my guitar and had a wonderful time with them in practice.

Of course, I went back home and went about my life till the day of the programme and I once again bagged my acoustic guitar and off I went, to the venue. Seeing that a knob got turned accidentally, I needed to tune my guitar onceimages (84) again. So I stepped out and while on it…

…the thinnest string got cut!

I mean. That string was very, very important to me. LOL

I didn’t know what to do. The song was to be accompanied by the guitar alone and that was what we all had practiced with. I called my friend’s attention to the issue and we were both trying to see how I could play with just five strings.

There is something about using an instrument that connects with the brain in a way I can’t really explain. Long story short: I felt extremely crazy trying to play, especially the Fmajor and Dminor chords, with only the loyal five strings. I felt jilted by a trusted lover. I am not kidding. Arrghh!

In any case, we still had to think of a solution as it would soon be time for the presentations. An alternative guitar would do. Where do we get an alternative acoustic guitar? Ahh.. so someone remembered that someone else had a guitar somewhere in his house and let me save you the details, it was promptly brought.

While waiting for the alternative to be brought to the venue of the programme, yours sincerely was thinking about a story she once read, about a great guitarist, who was performing at a music fest. It was a solo performance and the audience was massive. Then one of his strings got cut (I don’t know which) unknown to many, but he continued playing undeterred!

At the end of the performance, people congratulated him for an amazing display of talents. He was told that performance was easily the best of all his previous ones. When he told them a string had cut while he played onstage, they were all astonished! It all ended on a “thank you for not stopping mid-performance because of the bad string! You did well!”. Now, he was a veteran player, I was not. He knew what to do with his five strings, I did not.


images (85)

What happens when we find ourselves in certain situations we have no idea what to do? What happens when our well laid out plan takes a catwalk on the aisle, away from us, winking and smiling? What happens if in the middle of something doing, things fall apart?

Do we stop right there and then and back out? Do we give it up altogether or try to find a solution? Do we stay and fight it through?

I may not have been able to play my rehearsed progression with just five strings, but in bracing up and looking for a solution, one came!

We didn’t decide to do a capella.

We didn’t cancel the entire presentation.

We knew what we wanted and brainstormed for solutions, and thankfully, it worked out.

The jumbo guitar was brought – and I must confess it felt quite strange in my hands, I mean I was too used to my own fret board, LOL – but we eventually had our performance and it was wonderful.

In any situation you find yourself, don’t crumble in despair or give up easily. Know that there is always a solution/alternative/way out. You only have to condition your mind to be strong, to be bold, to be resilient.

To winning life, ‘with five strings’ or not. Cheers!



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