Hello dear readers,

Thanks for coming over here again! I am posting late this week, in fact, I’ve done a lot of things late this week because I seem to have made very close friends with sleep lately—well, that has somehow always been, but we’ve now taken our relationship to a whole new level!

These days, I can sleep—in daytime precisely, when ‘men ought to work for the night is coming’—like a dead female anopheles’ mosquito abandoned in a bin. Poor me. Obviously, sleep and I should get married already!

What happened?!

Well, I have given myself a whole lot of fine textured excuses like, “It’s the sweet, sweet rains,” “Nah, you’ve just been really, really bored”, “Maybe just low energy ishh, ishh”, and even the ol’ onset of puberty line some of our mothers used for us all teenage sleeping beauties when they weren’t in a home-training-mood, “You may be growing”, alongside all the other cute stuff about bone growth and all happening when one sleeps! Yeah, I know I ain’t growing no taller, at least not too obviously (hehehe) but I can defend myself like that and you are not permitted to laugh, please.

For one thing, I know this lockdown/social distancing thing frankly has a part to play in my recent mood and extra-sleepiness.

Nope. I am not your “outgoing” kind of person. I will usually choose to stay indoors over been out there so it’s not like I miss going out or anything like that, neither am I feeling down because of this. But the mere fact that there’s a lockdown directive in place for this long, notwithstanding the free days even, is enough to make you meh. Add that to frequently thinking about how fried this year has been so far and how exactly things didn’t go any of the ways we all planned—oh my!


It’s different for everyone and we each have the diverse ways the pandemic has affected us in one way or the other. Luckily, some are already back to living their lives pre-pandemic. For some of us, this can’t happen just yet. For many reasons. And that’s the issue. It is especially difficult when you haven’t mastered living day by day, not being overly anxious or fretful about what lies ahead. And as the weeks fly past, we think of how long things are going to remain this way. Our minds whisper quizzes.

Is this going to end in a month’s time or two or three or in another six?! Will the world ever return back to normal again or be the same again?

We know the answers to these questions, and at the same time, we do not know.

What a peculiar place to be in—I understand… We’ll get there when we get there.

For me, I’ve had days I fiercely craved for foods I didn’t even care about before the pandemic. There were mornings I woke up feeling weird and stuck; times I just suddenly missed my Grandfather who died about a decade ago, or remembered a childhood friend I once had but don’t know their whereabouts anymore. There are also days I try to work around the house, improve on some things I’m working on, read one more chapter of a book I have been on for so long, too long. Then I go on social media, to see what’s going on in the world, and that just leaves me even more tired and drained on inexplicable levels. This wasn’t the 2020 I signed up for, we signed up for.

When all is said and done, I just go back to the open arms of sleep again: who would blame me? I am tired of the “stop” that happened to the world. Most tired of the news I hear daily!!!

It feels like 2020 set us all up and is somewhere chilling and laughing at how so played we are.

But we will be strong. We’ll make it through. All will be well!

Till then, if days come when after you’ve done all you can to not let the entire situation of things get the best of you; if after trying your best, all you want to do is sleep, it is alright to.

Rest if need be; your body, and most especially, your mind needs it. Yeah, don’t beat yourself up for it; I am not.

Sleep. Chill. Be still.

Everything will be alright.

Yours in this together,


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